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Action Groups and School Council

This year we have 6 action groups at Sulby. These are:

The Hedge Wilders
In this action groups we will be growing a hedge to support our environment.
In Britain and the Isle of Man, hedges provide shelter and food for up to 80 per cent of our woodland birds, 50 per cent of our wild mammals and 30 per cent of our butterflies. Many species depend on hedgerows for their survival.

Unfortunately about half of the hedgerows in Britain have been lost over the last 50 years due to building and by farmers creating bigger fields. This means that our wildlife has suffered as a result.

At Sulby School we are lucky to have hedges all around our field but they could be better!! The best hedges are thick with wide bases, full of a wide variety of trees, bushes and flowers which provide nectar and berries over a long time period. At Sulby, we have the trees but not the bushes and flowers so that will be the job of this school action group! 

We need to get advice from local wildlife experts on what we need to plant, raise money to buy the plants - or find people who will donate them - and then plant them in front of the existing hedgerow at the far end of the school field. This will be a hands on project with  a lot of learning about local wildlife and it should make a real difference to the amount of birds and insects we see in our school field.

Making Links

Let’s support the elderly and learn from each other!

In this action group we will be learning alongside elderly members of our community and developing various projects together. We will be building relationships across generations and bridging the gap between our ages.

Beach Buddies

Let’s clean up our environment!

In this action group we will be linking with ‘Beach Buddies’. ‘Beach Buddies’ has taken on one of the biggest challenges facing the world today – the pollution of the seas and beaches by millions of tons of plastic and marine litter. During each school council session, this group will visit various beaches in the North of the Island and work as a team to do our part in keeping our beaches beautiful and safe.

Sustainable Superstars

Let’s look after the world around us!

Looking after the world around us is so important. We only have one world to live on and sadly we are not all always being very kind to it. Producing too much waste, using single use plastic, so using plastic only once and not recycling our materials is having a very negative impact on the natural environment. In this action group we will be finding ways to recycle at Sulby school, finding ways to use less plastic and making our super school eco-friendly!

Helping Hands

Let’s support our little ones!

In this action group we will be working with some of the youngest members of our community by creating links with Butterflies Nursery. We will find ways to support the children in preparing them for starting school and help the staff by developing some learning resources.


Let’s work in the community to continue to support our local charities!

In this action group we will decide what charities we would like to support and work together with various projects to support them and raise them money so that they can continue with their brilliant work!

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