Sulby Primary School

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Posted Wednesday 17th June

Following our post yesterday we have now been advised that all children in all year groups will be invited back to school on Monday 22nd June. We will be open on Wednesday 17th June for the children of key workers as planned.

The removal of social distancing guideline, and the current advice from Public Health, has meant that we will be able to re-open with a school environment that the children will remember and be familiar with. We are planning for all our teachers to teach their own class from the 22nd June and organisational changes will now be minimal. We have lots of trips and adventures already planned. The following post continues updated information for parents and includes some changes to the original we published on Tuesday 9th June.


If parents have any questions or need clarification please continue to use our email address as this is still continually monitored.

We are very excited to meet our children again and are looking forward to next week!!

Best wishes

Martin Jackson

Posted Sunday 14th June.

There have been a number of key developments this week which will influence the opening of our school. We currently have confirmed starts for the children of key workers on Wednesday 17th June and for Years 2 and 6 on Monday 22nd June.

We will be having discussions with DESC this week about inviting all children back to school as soon as possible - hopefully much sooner than we expected. We will let parents know as soon as we have definite information. We are also re-vising our virus plans to ensure we are able to return to something much more like our normal school provision. We will post further information on our Return to School page on Monday 15th June towards the end of the day.

Posted Tuesday June 9th

Dear Parents,

We have provided some guidance and additional information for parents on returning to school which can be downloaded below. If you have any questions please email our Sulby address as this is continually monitored.

It will be really helpful if parents can advise us by email if they would like their children to return on the published dates. The confirmed dates at the moment are for key worker children to return to Sulby on Wednesday 17th June followed by children in Year 2 and Year 6 on Monday 22nd June. We already have a large number of confirmations and are looking forward to meeting the children again soon.

If circumstances change or we need to adapt arrangements we will post updates on this page.

Best wishes

Martin Jackson


Posted Monday June 8th

The Minister has announced some key dates in terms of children returning to nursery, childcare, and school:

  • Monday 15 June - all school sites reopen to finalise preparations for pupils and students to return
  • Monday 15 June - all children can return to childcare and nursery, however this is likely to be phased by providers to ensure that it is sustainable and safe
  • Wednesday 17 June - students and pupils currently attending hub schools return to their normal school
  • Monday 22 June - all year 2 and 6 pupils and years 10 and 11 students return to their own schools, full time.

Further updates will follow on the return of other year groups, but the intention is for reception and year 9 children to be the next to return, followed by years 1, 4 and 8 and shortly afterwards years 3, 5 and 7.

Attendance at school is optional until the start of the next school year in September.

Posted Tuesday June 2nd

The Minister has announced today that our school will re-open on Wednesday 17th June for the children of key workers only. The date given for children in Year 2 and Year 6 to return is now Monday June 22nd followed by the phased return of other year groups.

Please will parents advise us on if you are a key worker and would like your child to return on 17th June. We already have confirmation from a number of parents and these children remain on our list.

We will post further information on this page when it becomes available,

Best wishes

Martin Jackson

Posted Thursday 21st May

Hi there

The Minister of Education has reminded our community that the aspirational plan is to open Sulby School to the the children of key workers and those children in Year 2 and Year 6 on Wednesday 17th June. Although we are waiting for confirmation of this date we are making plans for our return.

To help provide us with an idea of returning numbers we are asking key worker parents and those parents of children in Year 2 and Year 6 to let us know by email at if they are planning to send children to school on 17th June, should we be allowed to open.

We will provide additional information on revised school procedures and protocols on this page as we finalise them. As general guidance we have had to consider physical distancing, classroom and group organisation, more intense cleaning and clear hygiene routines. We do realise that children will have had very different experiences over the last eight weeks and we will be trying to make sure that the return to school is as secure and enjoyable as we can make it. Our plan is to focus on fun and laughter and a gradual return to learning.

We will need to provide some additional guidance about revised car parking routines, drop off and collection routines and entry to school procedures. If you do have any immediate questions please use our as we continue to monitor that address daily.

Best wishes

Martin Jackson



Posted Monday 18th May

School opening

This is a brief update to advise that the date I provided for our school opening was only indicative and has not been confirmed. We are advised that the situation may change and the response plan for opening schools needs to remain flexible. I will provide additional information as we receive it but please except my apologies for sharing my initial excitement.

When we do welcome children back into school the safety of everyone remains our highest priority. As Coronavirus is likely to be with us for some time this means that school will be quite different from when we last met. When we finalise our risk assessments and daily plans we will share these with parents so that everyone is aware of our protocols and procedures. We plan to use this page to communicate all our back to school information. The DESC is aware that some parents may choose to keep children at home and this will be a supported option.