Sulby Primary School

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Hi there

We have been looking at ways to provide a video conference and chat opportunity for pupils. We have looked at Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

We feel that Zoom has the most user-friendly options that will allow children to see each other and their teacher. As with all new platforms we are required to explore any potential data risks and access issues. We have complied a Risk Assessment and Privacy Impact Statement, which is available on this page.

To minimise any issues we have completed a protocol for meetings. The main features are summarised below;

• Children will only need a browser and do not need to download any applications.

• All meetings will be hosted by the Mr Jackson or the children’s teacher.

• Invitations will be sent to the children to join a planned meeting.

• All invites to the meeting contain a website address (URL) and a password.

• To access the meeting the address is copied and pasted into a browser such as chrome or safari.

• The invited person will gain entrance to a waiting room and can only be admitted by the meeting organiser or teacher.

• At the end of the meeting the organiser or teacher will end the meeting for everyone.

• The teacher can control the mute buttons of each child during the meeting.

We have trialled meetings with Year 6, which were really supportive and great fun. We will hold one initial test meeting for Year 5 on Thursday at 11.00am but may then schedule additional meetings for smaller groups. All meeting times will be shared in advance on Google Classroom.

We need parental permission for your child to take part in these sessions. If parents are happy for their children to be included please can you reply with the following note or something similar to our address.

I agree that my child can take part in Zoom meetings scheduled by school and I confirm my child may be invited to class sessions.

We will be able to accept email replies as confirmation of your agreement to our protocol, privacy impact statement and risk assessment.

We plan to host the first meeting on Thursday morning at 11.00am. We will only be able to invite children whose parents have responded and confirmed by email.

Best wishes

Mr Jackson