Sulby Primary School

'learning is a great adventure'

6th January 2021

Coronavirus Covid- 19

Home Learning

Dear Parents,

I am writing to confirm the decision made by the Department of Education Sport and Culture to close schools in the Isle of Man from today.

We have been considering the possibility of further school closure for some time and have made preparations to support the children’s learning remotely. We appreciated all the support and positive feedback about our home learning provision during the last closure and we have built on those successful foundations. We have recognised that some children will be learning at home without constant supervision and have tried to make learning as independent as possible, especially for the older children.

We will be using Google Classroom as our main home learning platform and everyone should have suitable access according to permissions. We will use our website to provide information and updates. Google Classroom will provide all the children’s learning activities and links to recorded lessons. Google Classroom also provides an email opportunity for parents and children to discuss learning and communicate with their teacher. We also plan to provide Teams meetings for children with their teacher at various times during the week. Teachers will provide the weekly timetable on Google Classroom and guidance on how to access Teams and emails.

Although we value every learning hour in school learning from home provides a very different challenge and environment. Please do not feel pressurised to ensure your child completes every activity but it is useful to have good, clear routines and to spend some time considering the content the teachers have provided.

It is far better to ensure each activity is done well than race through everything. All our children understand the importance of high standards and having pride in their work. There are some good links to sites that will support learning and consolidate concepts and skills.

So please do not worry unduly we will make sure that all our Sulby children are fully supported as much as possible during the closure. When we return to school we will have plans to catch up on any missed opportunities and ensure that everybody is back on track as soon as possible.

We will be using our school website to communicate key information and each class will have access to a personal page for learning information. Teachers will be updating these pages regularly. We have also included links to supportive, age-related learning sites which we can recommend. Please use the email if you have log in problems or for any questions, as this will be monitored on a frequent basis.

We all hope to stay in touch as a school community and hopefully we will meet back at school, safe, sound and raring to go in the very near future.

Best wishes

Martin Jackson