Sulby Primary School

'learning is a great adventure'

Saturday 9th January 2021
Dear Parents

I hope everyone is managing to stay safe during the lockdown and you are enjoying our home learning activities. We are very grateful to all our parents for making arrangements to keep hub numbers as low as possible so that we can keep everyone safe. We hope to support all essential workers when you need hub access as well as supporting all our children on a daily basis.

We have noticed almost all our children have accessed Google Classroom and we will be setting up teacher led Team sessions for the children next week so that all the class can meet and learn together. All this information will be posted on Google Classroom with key messages on the website.

We are also planning to set up Teams or Zoom meeting opportunities for parents in each year group next week. This will provide an opportunity to discuss our home learning provision including children’s Teams access and their google accounts with Mr Jackson and each class teacher. It will also provide an opportunity to ask any questions and to touch base during the lockdown. We will email the date and time of each year group meeting and then send an access link to join the meetings just before the session. We have tried to schedule these meetings a little later in the evenings when your children maybe in bed or otherwise entertained!

If you have any questions you may like to send them through in advance to at any time before the meeting or we can use the ‘hands-up’ facility on Teams or Zoom during the actual meeting. If anyone has worries about how they look on screen the ‘enhancement’ button can knock a few months off us older folk!!!

We hope you can make it!!

Martin Jackson

The schedule of meetings will be posted on Google Classrooms and we will also email parents too with details. Our plan is as follows;

Team or Zoom Meetings at these times.

Monday 7.00pm for Year 1 parents

Monday 6.00pm for Year 2 parents

Monday 8.00pm for Reception parents

Tuesday 7.30pm for Year 6 parents

Wednesday 6.00pm for Year 4 parents

Wednesday 7.00pm for Year 5 parents

Wednesday 8.00pm for Year 3 parents