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Year 2


Google Update - urgent

We have been advised that we need parent permission to continue the children's Google accounts. The reasons for this are posted on our Google Classroom page on the website. We could do with an immediate response to prevent any disruption to children’s learning or communication.

We can accept parent authority in the form of an email to our Sulby enquiries address or by responding positively to the text that we are sending out today.

Hi Everyone!

Our week 7 learning is loaded onto Google Classroom and the website this week, just until we get permission from all parents to use your accounts. As soon as we have them all we can continue to use our classroom again as normal. So sorry about all this but it is just something we have to do. :-)

All permissions can be sent to

Well done for all your learning and comments again so far, I absolutely love communicating with you on our classroom and I am so so proud of you all! :-)

Have a great week!

Lots of Love Ms. Nuttall xxx

Please see below for your seventh week of learning for the week beginning 18th May. Thank you!



Well done for your continued work on our story so far!

This week, I would like you to think about the structure or elements of a story. Talk through with your grown-ups what happens in a story? What makes a story exciting? What makes us want to read it in the first place and what makes us want to finish it?

All stories have a beginning, middle and an end, these are the main story elements. Please have a look at the story PowerPoint and posters to help you understand what should happen in each of these story elements.

Then, I would like you to think about our special Manx fairy tale. What happened in the beginning? What characters were introduced? Where is the story set?

Then consider the middle of the story – what problem happened? What dilemma was there that needed to be fixed?

And finally, what happens at the end? Was it a happy or sad ending? How were the problems resolved?

Once you have had a think about our story and had a good discussion with your families, then I would like you to complete the attached beginning, middle and end story mind maps.

For each part of the story, jot down some ideas about what happens.

If you can print the pages, then please do so and add your ideas directly onto them. If not, you may like to create your own mind maps in your work book or onto some plain paper. Make sure you let me know if you need a new book! :-)

If you would like to choose a different story to think about, that is also okay!

Just make sure that you consider what happens in the beginning, the middle and the end of the story of your choice.

I have left a plain line at the top of each sheet, so you can each write the title of your story at the top. That may be ‘The mermaid of Gob-Ny-Ool’ or one of your choice.

Remember, just try your best and you can always email me if you are stuck or have any questions. :-)

Have fun!

















Here are two more handwriting tasks from PenPals Handwriting for Year 2. Again, copy the words into your workbook.



As you would usually, please practise your five spellings. Think about what you have been practicing in phonics. Good luck!



After your fantastic work with plurals, this week I would like you to have a look at how we add ‘ing’. Please have a look through the PowerPoint and then have a try playing the game:

Good luck!


Please read through the information page and answer the questions as best as you can. This week – minibeasts! If you can't print the pages, please use your workbooks, number each question and answer in full sentences.




We are going to continue consolidating your knowledge this week. For each activity, please watch the video and then have a go at the worksheets. If you are asked to 'talk to a partner' discuss the problem with your grown ups or your siblings if you can. There is no video for the two times table so just have a try and email me if you have any questions. We have done lots of this though so flex that brain and get thinking! You can do it Class 2!

As our main activities are going over and consolidating previous learning, we won't be doing flashback maths this week.

Have fun!

Adding and subtracting 10s:



Add 2-digit numbers:



Subtract 2-digit numbers:



Bonds to 100:



Two times table:




Well done for all your learning about animals including humans and living things and their habitats so far. You have all shown fantastically enquiring minds and proven yourselves to be quite the scientists!

It is nearly time to move on, but before we do we are going to have a last look at habitats, this week specifically – microhabitats.

Have a look through the slides, and explore some microhabitats in your garden or outside areas if you can. Then, have a try at completing the attached worksheets. Remember, keep your work super neat! Use your workbooks or some plain paper to draw and describe two microhabitats if you can't use the worksheet :-)



















I hope you had a good time Tree Hunting last week!

This week, I would like us to all think about the wonderful glens and forests that we are lucky enough to have here on the Isle of Man. Using the links below to help you, I would like you to pick your favourite glen or forest. Similar to how you advertised your favourite Isle of Man landmark, I would now like you to create an information sheet/advertisement about your favourite glen or forest.

I need you to think about why it is your favourite, what are the features of a glen or forest and why is your chosen one so special? Why should everyone visit it?

You can create your work in your workbook, on a plain piece of paper, or on the printed sheet or on the computer - however you would like to do it is totally up to you! Your landmark work was incredible, I even had a video presentation! So you can be as creative as you like when it comes to informing me about your favourite glen or forest.

Just remember, you will need to have a good balance of pictures and captions/labels to inform all your readers about your chosen one!

Don’t forget to use the links to help you and maybe, you could even visit one on one of your allocated exercise outings. If you do, just remember to keep very safe and socially distanced from others.

Can’t wait to see your work! :-)


I am so excited by the Apple Trees that I have seen, well done everyone! So creative! I really hope that you had fun!

For your art project this week, I would like you to create your very own mermaid!

As with last week, the rule are simple, you guessed it – create a mermaid!

Then, just like last week, the rest is up to you! How creative and imaginative can you be to create your mermaid? I’m thinking tin foil tails and wool hair! Or, just a beautiful 2D pencil drawing, totally up to you!

I cannot wait to see how creative you will be!

Don’t forget to take a picture, I love to see all your wonderful creations! :-)

Mermaid ideas:




For your PE challenge this week, I thought you might like to learn how to Moonwalk! Follow the instructions and have a go you groovy dancers! :-)












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