Sulby Primary School

'learning is a great adventure'

Mission Statement

Sulby Primary School is a special place full of learning, laughter and friendship. Our school is committed to making learning a great adventure for our whole community.

Great learning, Great Friendships, Great Teamwork, Great Values, Great success, Great Fun

Great Learning
You will learn to love learning and understand what makes a good learner. You will learn how exciting and rewarding learning is and want to keep on learning more!

Great Friendships
You will enjoy and understand friendship: how to earn it, how to value it and how to get along well with other people.

Great Teamwork
You will know what it is like to be a valued member of a successful team. You will learn to lead and understand how to achieve great things together.

Great Values
You will have a clear set of values to guide you and to help you become a respected member of your community. You will learn how you can make a difference and how to value your achievements.

Great Success
You will feel valued as an individual. You will know what it feels like to be good at something, to try hard and to have achieved your very best.

Great Fun
You will discover that life is a great adventure, which should be enjoyed and treasured. You will learn to view every challenge as an exciting learning opportunity.

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