Sulby Primary School

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Google Update - urgent Friday 15th May

We have been advised that we need your permission to continue your child’s Google account. The reasons for this are posted on our website. We could do with an immediate response to prevent any disruption to children’s learning or communication.

We can accept parent authority in the form of an email to our Sulby enquiries address or by responding positively to the text that we are sending out today.


Google Accounts

All children now have a Google account, which is in the form of an email address and a password, to access the platform. The guidance below explains how to access accounts and how to use the platform. The children in the juniors all have a challenge or two this week and we hope to see everyone logged on and communicating with their teachers. We are also hoping that all the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be able to access their new account this week and post a message on Google Documents. The passwords for the children in these year groups will be posted on the class website pages and can be changed personally with parent help!!

Please follow this guide on how to create a Google Document that can be used to complete work in your Google Classroom!



Important notice - some children in Year 6 have had problems logging in to the Google Classroom. To solve this problem we have changed all the Year 6 passwords to School2020 from 10.00am on Wednesday. It will be a good idea for Y6 to access your account and then change the password to something you choose and will be able to remember!! It will be difficult to make changes if you forget your new password so make a good choice!!