We have a very simple school uniform and we encourage all our children to wear it with pride. Many parents at Sulby have indicated their preference for a school uniform and the Governors are keen to support this option. The uniform can be purchased using the school mail order suppliers – we don’t currently have a supplier on the Island. We usually send an order each term and provide parents with the appropriate form. We do have some items in school for new arrivals.

Our uniform consists of a white ‘school logo’ polo shirt with grey trousers or a pinafore dress or skirt for the girls, a navy blue ‘v’ neck jumper, cardigan or navy blue sweat shirt with the school logo, white, navy or grey socks and sensible black or dark blue shoes. There are also options of a shirt and school tie, school hat and various ‘school logo’ coats. All children should have a coat available to them every day.

In the Summer Term sandals are fine but they should be sensible and supportive, with covered toes, and worn with socks. Boys may prefer to wear shorts and these should be of a similar grey material to the usual trousers. Girls have the option of wearing a blue check, gingham dress.

We request that all children have a sensible hair style for school and avoid gel. In our experience any extreme or unusual hair styles may detract from your child’s learning and that of others. A minimal hair band to secure longer hair is fine.

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