We believe in the importance of a positive approach to the behaviour of children in school. We do not have a long list of rules but encourage children to act sensibly and responsibly according to their surroundings – being responsible and respectful are terms we use frequently. All children are expected to be positive role models to all the children younger than themselves. We always celebrate good examples which help the younger children learn positive actions and attitudes.

We do have a set of school values that highlight the attitudes and attributes that we encourage around the school. We advise parents if we feel it will benefit the child’s development or if a child shows a serious neglect of appropriate behaviour.

Although bullying can happen in the best of schools we try to be continually vigilant to ensure it does not happen at Sulby. We encourage children to avoid the use of the generic term ‘bullying’ as this is not specific enough and implies repetition. We aim to deal with every issue and ask children to describe any unkind or unacceptable behaviour to a teacher as soon as it happens so that it can be dealt with. We believe all children are entitled to a happy, secure and caring environment free from worry. We are fortunate that our school is small enough for every teacher to know each child and all the children to know each other. We ask you to encourage your child to tell you or a teacher if they are unhappy about any aspect of school. Outstanding standards of pastoral care and the happiness of all our children are priorities for us.

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