Children should not bring medicines of any sort to school. If there are special circumstances please contact the Head of School for advice. Teachers are not allowed to administer any medicines but we can occasionally make arrangements to administer short-term medication on completion of the Department’s formal documentation. If your child has a long-term medical need, asthma or an allergy please contact the school to discuss individual care arrangements.

Children often take a tumble in the playground and our usual course of action is to clean cuts or grazes with water and to use a plaster if necessary. For bumps or bruises we often use an ice pack, elevation and rest. If we have any concerns about the injury or if your child continues to be upset we always give parents a call. If your child has bumped their head during the day we send a letter home advising you of the accident.

We need to be aware of any child with asthma or any known allergy so that we can take any necessary precautions. We have a detailed asthma policy, which requires children to keep two inhalers in school together with an action sheet. If your child has asthma please contact the school to discuss individual requirements. To protect specific children we also request that parents avoid sending nuts or nut bars as snacks or lunch items. We would also request that parents inform us if you have believe your child may have been exposed to the chicken pox virus.

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